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I acknowledge that I have read that these stuffed churros are not made from scratch. Meaning we are not making "churro dough". 

I also acknowledge that no refunds will be given. 

All of the content in this class is the intellectual property of Danira Cancinos and is not to be shared anywhere else or with anyone else.

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Stuffed Churro Course

 The oh so famous Stuffed Churro Course is back!!

But for a limited time!

In this course you will learn how to make these delicious and oh so fire stuffed churros! 

This course includes the following videos/Info: 

  • Supply list video and link
  • How to make Nutella and banana churros
  • How to make cheesecake stuffed churros
  • How to make strawberry filling
  • How to make strawberry shortcake crumbles
  • How to make ganache using candy melts
  • How to price and promote your churros
  • How I take on big churro sales
  • How to flavor your lechera

There are over 8 hours of content. 

You can watch the sessions at your own pace and time. 

You have lifetime access!

Fall bonus  How to make apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake churros!

These churros are not made from scratch. Meaning we are not making churro dough. But they are truly


What Students Are Saying:

I will say this, I was iffy about paying for the class. Not because I didn’t think it was worth it but because I didn’t think I’d make my money back. WELL I’ve already made my money back and then some! It's SUPER DUPER CHEAP for all the info she gives! Like the whole spreadsheet, the tips on how to go about selling, the process. The TEXT MESSAGES, I have such a hard time with getting things across to customers and Dani makes it so clear. ANYONE can watch a YouTube video BUT they won’t show you the SECRETS! And I know we’re all appreciative that Dani shares her secrets. ❤️

Sarah Fernandez-Avelar

I had my FIRST official sale yesterday, previously i had made samples of everything in my sale for the pediatric drs and nurses. It went pretty AMAZING. All of last week i dedicated my breaks at work, my 1yr old nap times, and my drives to the grocery store to rewatch all the units on this course to prepare myself. Although i was exhausted yesterday prior to getting out of work at midnight the night before. I stayed dedicated and tried to not over think anything. I sold 100 stuffed churros, 9 churro cheesecakes, and 80 empanadas dulces as they are a family tradition so i thought i would add to my first sale with everything being preordered. Thank you Danira for having such detailed courses.

Sheila Felix

I just wanted to come on here and say I did a big sale of 50 orders yesterday. Danira Cancinos I couldn’t thank you enough for your class!! Everyone loved them!!

Lupe Marquez

First off I want to say Thank you Danira Cancinos thank you for everything you have taught us. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for always encouraging us to get out of our comfort zone and to just do it. I had my first Stuffed churro sale and I got 16 orders!

Viridiana Rodriguez

First time and so happy how they turned out! THANK YOU Danira Cancinos! My boyfriend is a tough critique BUT he approved. Can’t wait to keep practicing and have my first sale.

Luzmaria Roque

Thank you for this class Dani! Like always, your classes go above and beyond my expectations! They are so delicious my kids love them💜

Elizabeth Avila

It’s definitely a good investment. A lot of info is given to us and a lot of support and feedback. Thank you Danira Cancinos. And live videos for us to replay as often as we want. Our questions are also answered. A YouTube video would not provide all that. This was my first class and Looking forward to taking more classes. 👏🏼🎉

Michy Bombon Barragan