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"Upcoming Treat Maker" Summer Camp| 3 Month Payment Plan

Spend some of your summertime leveling up!

Do you want to learn how to make caramel apples? Do you want to get better at melting and using chocolate? Do you want to lose the fear of working with fondant? Do you want to learn how to prepare and have successful holiday sales?

Have you tried to make caramel apples before? and they were just a total headache or epic fail? 

You probably said never again! (sigh)

What if I told you, that this caramel that we will be using is fail proof? 

No need to be worried about it sliding off...

or hurrying up to attach your toppings before it dries...

With this caramel, you can dip 12-18 before you attach toppings!

I LOOOOVE this caramel because: 

  1. It's delicious! it's soft. not chewy. 

  2. It's fail proof! (I'm not lying) It's not from scratch but it's so good!

  3. You don't have to scrub the wax off the apples.

  4. Refrigerated apples can last up to 1 month!

  5. My customers love them. They are my top sellers. 

  6. You can reuse the caramel over and over. 

  7. You can use this caramel for other baking items. Like cheesecakes, cupcakes, and cakes.

    This caramel can only be found within the U.S. 

What you get with this course:

  • 5 LIVE Sessions inside our Facebook group (Chocolate 101, Fondant 101, Topped Caramel Apples, Holiday Sales 101, Q&A)

  • All sessions include a pdf guide with links or a recap of the session

  • Full access to the "Fail-Proof Caramel Apples" course videos 

  • Bonuses: Learn how to make your own bows and make your own digital tags

  • Forever access to the content

  • A FB group community



Student Reviews:

First time posting my caramel apples. Thank you Dani for such a wonderful class.You go above and beyond to share your beautiful and delicious talent.I have bought many classes from you and I am grateful for you taking your time to teach us.

Sandra Carbajal-Corral

Im so happy to share with you all that after these bad boys get to their new home tonight I will have officially made back what I invested in this amazing class. 😭👏🏻🙌🏻 And I have 19 apples already paid for for Father’s Day !! THANK YOU DANI 💜

Melina Monroy

My first attempt and I’m already hooked!! Can’t wait to try with chocolate next! Thank you so much Danira Cancinos 💕💕 BEST INVESTMENT EVVVERR!!!!💕💕💕

Anay Muñoz

Hi everyone! So I wasn’t able to watch the lives because of work, but I have been trying to keep up in the evening. This was my first try and I absolutely love this method. Thank you so much Danira Cancinos!!

Deb’s Sweet Creations

I ran my first sale on caramel apples this week and by Thursday I’d already made back the money I spent for this course...and then some 💰! (I don’t call it a class...cause with all we learn in here..it’s a course! 😅). I was a little discouraged at first because orders came in slow. I even thought of taking my post down and just trying again another time. But I kept pushing, promoting, and believing in my product...and look at God! While I finished up the last bit of my orders last night my son snapped a picture of me hard at work! This course has given me the tools and confidence I need to make this a business and not a hobby. I’m ever so grateful! Thank you for sharing your gift with us Danira!

NyChaunda Y. Stafford

I owe my success to Danira Cancinos❣️ 65 apples sold on my first sale. I can’t imagine how much more that number will soar once they try Danira’s caramel. At least that’s what I call it because without your technique we all wouldn’t be where we are today❣️ Just know that you made a difference in our lives by allowing your successes spillover into ours. This couldn’t be possible without your technique! Thank you for opening that opportunity, I am forever thankful❣️❤️

Joanna Perez